Hi everyone this is Ramiro and Dawn Olvera on behalf of Blake Davis as Blake Davis is our 8 year old nephew who suffered a massive brain hemorrhage on 2/6/2020 and is in children’s hospital Detroit where he still remains..   It was later diagnosed as a AVM which is an abnormal cluster of arteries and veins that shouldn’t be there.. They did emergency surgery and removed the AVM but were unable to remove the coagulated blood from the rupture. While they were in there they found a cyst we are still unsure at this time what they plan to do for the cyst. Blakey was in ICU for over 2 weeks.. They went up the femoral artery to see if they had removed it all and found another one deeper in his brain, they are unable to surgically remove this AVM as it is between the 2 main arteries in the brain and are afraid Blake will have a massive stroke.. They are going to try and use radiation to get rid of it, but sadly the radiation can take up to 3 years to work and in that time it can bleed and or rupture.  They have also tested Blake for a rare genetic disorder called HHT if that is positive he can continue to have Avm’s that show up in his brain, liver, heart, lungs, GI tract, Etc. It’s a lot to to write without going to much in depth and being overwhelming to read.  Blake is one strong little boy and it would make him feel extra extra special which we already know he is! ;-)But to see everyone supporting him by wearing his name to show support would mean the world to him and his family. Thank you to all for your support and prayers..  All our love From the Davis Family. 

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