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(Direct to Garment)


Direct To Garment printing gives us a broad band of printing abilities without having to set up screens for each color and adjust measurements between each different shirt size for the plates. 

Technology has given us a printer that we can now put a shirt into and print directly to it like a desktop printer and paper. 

*For this process we do have to use 100% cotton material (we always use pre-shrunk) due to the ink from the machine being all natural it will only print to natural material.*

Perfect For Photos or 

Multi Color Designs!

Since having our DTG printer we have moved our 96.9 WBTI  Hot Mom shirts from being screen printed to DTG printed. 

Now instead of a cool design/ logo they now receive personalized shirts with their photo on them that had won them hot mom of the day!

Below are a few images of the t-shirts created for this awesome 96.9 WBTI Lakeshore Graphics Radio Segment/Promotion.

Proud of Our Hot Moms!

96.9 WBTI Hot Mom of the Day

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